Sunday, May 28, 2017

Madly in Love: Cover Page

I am clearly not the best of illustrator here, but I tried to communicate the way the character felt and acted. As the story is king, I tried to stay true to it.

I realised that I have never posted about the comic on the blogger, though there are few posts about it on the other of social platforms.
So, here goes little information about it.

Madly in Love is a 22-page short comic illustrated by me and written by C.G. Salamander. It was part of Mixtape Volume 3 ( a graphic anthology) published by Studio Kokaachi.  Below is the list of creators who were part of Mixtape Volume 3:

C. G. Salamander
Dhanya Thambi
Nimisha Jose
Prabha Mallya
Pratheek Thomas
Praveen Nair
Sandhya Prabhat
Soumitro Datta
Vishnu Madhav

I am thankful to Tina and Pratheek for having me on board.

To know more about Mixtape Vol. 3 visit the following link:

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