Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doga Fan Art

 Yes yes ..its been long since i have ever posted. Reason was huge gap between my taste and what i have posted. Anyways this is what i have been upto .....It will take some time to get better that's for sure. All this long i have been telling myself to be calm and just draw.. It would haven't possible without few people and things they post.

Just to mention few .... 'make good art'  a comic strip based on Neil Gaiman's quote . There are other few good comic strips on the same site. Other is this video by Ira Glass named 'On Being Creative'. And i agree with it in total.. yes it will take time..huge volume of work...and have to fight my way through it!. thanks Nityanshu for hitting me up with this inspirational video.


Marcos B. Alvarado said...

It great to hear about your artistic journey and it inspires me to not give up and just work through the rough patches that, I think, every creative person eventually goes through! :)

BTW, thanks for posting the great video!

-Alok- said...

ha ha nice stuff man! especially liked the 4th piece.looks straight out of a comic book.And o,btw i was just gonna send you a like to the poster version of 'on being creative' after reading ur post.and then i realised the video had the same wordings.its dam a very deep check out these though,came across em yday.



am sure youve seen em.But watch it again.These videos have a soul.

keep at it,
fellow traveler.

Ravi Gupta said...

thnks alok. have seen pascal video way before. but the video from chuistream is new. thnks man for dropping by and put these gud stuff in comments. thnks a lot :)