Sunday, June 12, 2011

SAY CHEESE- Dumped project.

These are few development sketches and designs for the project Say Cheese. Project was planned to be done in 3d, it went through development stage to modeling and texturing stage. Modeling and texturing was done in 3Ds Max. I never started animating it, as it was getting quite long and I wasn’t happy with staging of the characters in the storyboard.

 Plot of project was how a beggar and rat fight for a piece of cheese. Later both realize that, why to fight for things if we can share them...

Pencil colors on A4 bond sheet.

Pencil colors and sketch pen on A4 bond sheet.

Drawing Inks on Cartridge paper

Head turnaround for beggar -pencil on newsprint paper

Before starting modeling in Max , i did a clay model for the rat. it wasn't finished for many days.Recently I completed it with some finish . Here are few photographs of  the same, with my laptop camera !

Below is what, both the models would have looked finally....


pulkit said...

what's the name of character

wow! the sky is blue. said...

character didn't had any names. it was'nt required for the film. :)

c u b a s said...

Thank you very much
I really like yours too!

wow! the sky is blue. said...

thank you !!