Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Few of the old works....

Basic doodle for the character

school boy

few expression for the character
These are few of the early work ....may be the first character i ever did. It was done under guidance of Prosenjit ganguly. He was amazing with his guidance and we actually realized about the character design !!. we were asked to do a character from the very basic shape. I did this and went ahead to do a little run cycle for the character .
link to the run cycle is below:

Expression chart for the character.

character in situation
 Character design based on story –A Bank Fraud
 Story is based on plain tales from hills a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling.
 Its about a bank manager Mr. Reginald who schemes a fraud on his accountant Mr. Riley who was ill and unwell.


Nikhita said...

awesome! loved your set.

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kya baat ravi pehle hi apni painting bana dali good job go ahead

wow! the sky is blue. said...

hehe :)